Your App Can Sync

Fracas can help.

Drop our code into your app and watch the magic happen.

Across Devices

Across Platforms

Across Languages

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Use it for:

  • Purchased Content

  • App Settings

  • Game Progress

  • Web-to-Mobile Accounts

"I bought the iPad version of your app. Why is it asking me to pay again for the Android version???"

How many of this email do you field each week? How do you answer them?

How about saying "No problem. Click the 'Restore Purchases' button on the Android version, then follow the instructions."

That's what Fracas does. And if all it did was give you a less uncomfortable way to respond to those emails, it'd be worth the asking price. But it does a lot more besides...

Sync across devices, across platforms

Drop the Fracas API into your app, and give your users the power to sync their app settings between devices. Even if one of those devices in an iPad and another is an Android phone.

Claim your Free Developer Key
(no credit card required)

Client libraries for:

  • iOS

  • Android

  • Windows Phone

  • Javascript

Need more convincing? If you're a developer, check out our Build vs. Buy (Developer Edition) for a breakdown. Need to convince your boss (or are the boss)? Point him (or yourself) at the Build vs. Buy (Boss Edition).

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